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The AAPI Online service may only be used by students who are enrolled in doctoral programs that are eligible to participate in the APPIC Match. A list of eligible doctoral programs may be found at the Matching Program web site, If your doctoral program is not on this list, please contact your Director of Clinical Training before proceeding with this registration process.
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APPIC is committed to protecting your privacy and providing a secure website for the AAPI Online service. Credit card transactions are secured through the use of Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology. Attempts to access this site without proper authorization will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Your account and password are issued for your exclusive use only and you are responsible for the security thereof. Your password should not be shared with, or delegated to, any other person. The information that you provide to the AAPI Online service will be used as follows:

1. The information contained on your application will be sent to the specific internship sites that you designate to receive your application.

2. The AAPI Online service will allow your doctoral program (usually the Director of Clinical Training) to view and verify the information on the “Summary of Doctoral Training” page. The remainder of your application is not viewable by your doctoral program through the AAPI Online service. However, there may be rare instances in which APPIC will receive a request from a doctoral program for the release of an applicant’s entire application.

3. All information provided will be available to APPIC and AAPI Online staff for the purpose of administering the service. The information provided may also be used for research purposes by APPIC staff, but no identifying information will be released.

4. Your information will not be sold, given, or shared with any other party without your permission.